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Aeno RC3S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black

SKU: 56399579F8

Aeno RC3S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black

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Aeno RC3S Robot Vacuum Cleaner Black

RC3S AENO Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Operate from any place in the world
Come to a clean, dust-free apartment after work or vacation. Set a cleaning schedule and control its execution via the user-friendly AENO application. Also app gives a possibility to set cleaning mode, virtual walls or to find out battery charge level and much more.

Efficient wet cleaning
3 modes of electronic water flow provide effective and safe cleaning for different floor types and mess levels.

Cleans of all types of surfaces
The vacuum cleaner works effectively with all types of surfaces: carpets, laminate, parquet, tiles and more. You won't need other devices to complete your cleaning.

Effective daily cleaning of pet hair
Save yourself the discomfort of a large amount of pet hair around the house.

Effective daily cleaning of pet hair
Up to 130 min of cleaning without recharging
5 hours charge will be enough to clean an area up to 150 m².

Up to 130 min of cleaning without recharging
Modes for every need
Need to remove pet hair from carpet? Turbo mode will help you. Spread grain over the floor area? Use Spot mode. Child’s room requires daily cleaning? Single room mode is a good solution.

Super powerful
The exceptional power 2500 Pa of the robot vacuum cleaner AENO can clean even long pile carpets, thoroughly collects any debris on the floor. Just use the Turbo mode for highly messed areas,

Reliable Japanese Nidec motor
Nidec motor provides peak performance and long-lasting reliability.

Up to 150 m² wet cleaning without water refill
Enlarged 350 ml water tank capacity makes it possible. Just fill the water tank before cleaning and don't think about it anymore.

High step overcoming - 18 mm
Threshold, cable, high pile carpet - won't be a hindrance to cleaning the whole home

Precise room mapping
LiDAR and 15 pair of sensors (infrared, collision, anti-fall, gyro, anti-bump) make operation more precise and safer for robot vacuum cleaner and surrounding objects. All the objects in the room are memorized and cleaning is more efficient bypassing the obstacles

Virtual walls
The setting allows you to limit the cleaning area to a specific selected area in the room or the entire room

Cleaning schedule
Create your own scenarios by adjusting the frequency of cleaning and the time of day the robot vacuum cleaner operates

Voice control
Need to control the robot, but you are rocking a baby in your arms or cooking? Use hands-free voice control.

Wide range of ways to control
No restrictions for users! Operate the cleaner in a way that suits you best

Package contents:
Water tank, dust tank, charging base, cord with adaptor, 2 x HEPA 12 filter & pre-filter, cleaning tool, main brush, 2 x fabric mops, 4 x side brushes

Brand: Aeno,

Oem: ARC0003S,

Product group: Small Domestic Appliances,

Warranty: 2 Years,

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