The chart below explains the process we use to handle and manage our RMA’s: the return of products, such as defective or wrongly delivered products. Read our RMA guide here for step-by-step instructions on how to create RMA’s on our system.
Our RMA Policy contains all guidelines for the approval of RMAs.
Find your order bylogging in intoyour account inthe webshopCreate new RMA.Please add asmuch photos andvideos as possibleWait for approvalvia email beforeshippingDon´t send the productsPrint packing slip, wrap items in thedocument and send to the address asinstructed in the email.DeniedApprovedOnce we receive the items we willmark the RMA as received in thesystem and prepare it to bechecked by our techniciansRMA Engineer will check your return.Details like your informationphotos and videos providedwill help the processresolution.If your RMA is denied, after twoweeks the product will be disposed.In case you require the product to bereturned, please inform us as soonas possible via,we will add the products to bereturned together with your nextorder, or prepare a package to bepicked up by your carrierDeniedYou will receive a email with a gift cardcode you can use as a paymentmethod for your next order. In caseyou require us to refund the RMAamount via bank transfer, pleaseinform rma@4phones.euApproved