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Aeno AP3 Air Purifier White

SKU: 56387ED40F

Aeno AP3 Air Purifier White

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Aeno AP3 Air Purifier White

Aeno AP3 Air Purifier White

5 cleaning levels.
HEPA is an acronym for 'High Efficiency Particulate Air'. These filters are made of submicron glass fibres and are recognized as a top standard all over the globe. HEPA-based systems purify hospitals and hazardous plants.

Captures large particles: dust, hair or pet hair, etc.

HEPA 13 filter
HEPA 13 filter
Captures very small harmful particles with 99.9% efficiency as bacteria, allergens, aerosols and many others

Carbon filter
Removes unpleasant odors from cooking, smoking or fresh paint and VOCs that are present in building materials, furniture and come from a wide range of household items: paints, adhesives, varnishes, disinfectants, etc'.

UV lamp
Is the final stage of cleaning, destroys all harmful pollutions that are trapped in the filter.

Increases the concentration of negative ions in oxygen. These, in turn, attract harmful particles and make them settle down. Thus, dust molecules, cigarette smoke and fungi do not get into the human body.

Neutralizes 99.9% of harmful particles

Pet hair & Dander
Smoke & Smog

Effective cleaning of 30 m² in just 27 minutes.
Purifier is perfect for living rooms, offices, classrooms with cleaning area up to 30 m² due to it clean air delivery rate (CADR) of 160 m³/h.

Removes unpleasant odors,
Get rid of unpleasant odors, such as cigarette smoke, pet odors or cooking, quickly and effectively. The activated carbon filter will help you with this.

Cleaning the air from allergens,
The purifier significantly reduces the amount of allergens in the air and ensures high protection and symptoms relief for allergy sufferers from pollen during flowering, dust mites, dander and fur from your four-legged friends.

Ultra quiet.
22 dB - is equivalent to whispering. It maintains pure air and doesn’t disturb your and your children’s sleep.

Compact and stylish design.
Add to your interior not only a functional device but also a stylish interior element.

Convenient touch control.
Set your own settings easily.

The purifier consumes only 12W power. This is comparable to the power consumption of a single LED light bulb

Consumables always available.
The minimum filter life is 2200 hours. Filter change reminder will inform about expired filter replacement time.


Coverage area
Up to 30 m²
Up to 160 m³/h
UV lamp:

Pre-filter + HEPA 13 filter + carbon filter

Brand: Aeno,

Oem: AAP0003,

Product group: Small Domestic Appliances,

Warranty: 2 Years,

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