NEW: the save cart function!

Save your time and your products!

Dear customer, we have great news to communicate! So, stay tuned! This is interesting for you.

The era of spending a lot of time checking products, comparing carts, and looking for the perfect price combination of a product has come to an end. Time is more valuable than ever and that’s why we worked on making your job easier.

From now on, you’ll be able to use the Save Cart function. What does this mean?  You can now save the chosen products in your cart and come back whenever you want to finish your order. Your products are going to be there waiting for you until you are willing to complete your order.

How can I try it?

To try the Save Cart function, you just need to go to your My Account page, login into your account, add the desired products to the cart and then click into the cart.

In your cart, you see several options. If you want to save your cart you just click on the button ‘Save this cart’. Your cart will automatically be saved and to view it at a later moment you simply click on ‘View saved cart’.

On the 'view saved cart' page, you can see all the carts that you saved. You can recover them and even change the cart name to get a better and clearer overview. To change the name, you just need to click on the ‘Edit’ button, rename the cart, and click on ‘Save’.

If you want to change (or simply view) a saved cart, just click on ‘View’. Here you can manage your order by adding or removing existing products from the cart.

Also, you can even share the cart with your colleagues! Just click the ‘Enable public sharing’ button and it generates a link that you can copy and send.

Once you have your order ready to be bought, you can proceed by clicking on ‘Add to cart’ and finishing it in Checkout.

Easy, right? If it appears that you still have questions about this function, please contact your sales manager.

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