IFA Berlin 2022 – Highlights of an amazing event!

It is difficult to summarize our experience at IFA Berlin 2022 in short words, because it involves a lot of organization, effort, brands and people. That is why, we decided to ask the ones involved first-hand, how they felt being there. In this blog post you will enjoy a compilation of real opinions of 4Phones exhibitors that were at IFA and their opinions on how this type of events impact the technological and therefore the repair industries.

“After 2 years of Covid, we were lucky to have the opportunity to meet our customers at IFA. Although we are an online company, business is about personal touch and people. We find these opportunities of connecting very important. We had a successful event and are grateful that we got the chance to meet and talk with current and new customers. I want to thank the partners that were involved in the whole IFA process, our team that has worked hard to make this a reality and of course our amazing customers that took the time to visit us”.

- Jurrie Christians, Managing Director, 4Phones.

“My experience at IFA was quite interesting. I felt that we were able to create new contacts and possible business with customers and at the same time cement relationships with our customers who had the opportunity to visit us.

The 4Phones brand also gained a lot of visibility in the market in which we operate, and possible connections to other markets.

It was without a doubt a very satisfying experience both on a personal and business level and from which I think we will get a lot of return as a brand.”

- Paulo Santos, Sales Manager 4Phones Portugal

"After three years, in 2022, IFA once again had a face-to-face edition, it was a great experience. Technology companies, the press, and the public finally had the chance to return to the halls of the Messe Berlin Exhibition center.

I want to sincerely thank all customers and partners for sharing their precious time with us at our booth, and give a special thanks to all colleagues who have worked very hard to have made this event happen.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all again at IFA 2023!"

- Ronnie Stevens, General Director 4Phones España.

“Now as we have have the IFA held in Berlin where 4Phones has participated as an exhibitor behind us, we may for sure say that we are utmost satisfied with the number of visitors we had hosted at our stand. Besides having new customers from all over the world we had the opportunity to meet friends, solution partners and long term customers.

Growth is getting tougher in the face of new market dynamics: rising consumer expectations, increasing competition, and digital demands. In the recent years, professional services businesses have experienced enormous change: buyer behavior has changed, and it has proven difficult to keep up with. However, during this time 4Phones has performed exceptionally well, growing way much faster compared to any other company in its sector.

We are proud with our international team distributed to 6 countries but act as a united team.”

- Mesut Sakalli, Sales Manager 4Phones Turkey.

Last but not least, we would like to give a big thank you to our partners that participated and made IFA possible: Canyon, Lograr, JK Digital Displays, Forward, QC Centre, Perenio, Aeno, Prestigio and Loqed. For us at 4Phones, it was a complete privilege to be a part of this amazing event.

See you again at IFA 2023!

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