SKU: 5ED11CD653

Aeno EK4 Electric Kettle Double Wall Dark Grey

SKU: 5ED11CD653

Aeno EK4 Electric Kettle Double Wall Dark Grey

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Aeno EK4 Electric Kettle Double Wall Dark Grey

EK4 AENO Electric Kettle

Double walls.
The kettle is safe for the child in case of accidental contact. This technology saves energy and prevents burns when touched.

12 000+ boilings.
You can be sure that your kettle will turn off in time immediately after boiling with Strix technology. The Strix controller will keep your kettle safe for years of use.

LED indication.
Easy to check if the kettle is off.

Long life stainless steel filter.
The filter helps maintain the performance of the kettle, keep it clean and prevent limescale build-up.

360° power base.
It doesn't matter if you're right or left handed. 360° power base ensures comfortable use in any direction.

The kettle comes with an automatic switch-off function to prevent device failure and injuries. The appliance's electrical contacts are hidden by a rubber seal to prevent ingress of dust and moisture.

Built-in cord wrap.
A cord wrap below the base allows for convenient cord storage, with nothing dangling and getting in your way.

Light indication.
The kettle's power button is illuminated when the appliance enters Boiling mode.

No plastic contact with water.
The seamless steel inner bowl is corrosion resistant, more durable and BPA free. The kettle is easy to clean from the inside.

Auto power-off.
The overheating protection automatically turns off the kettle when the water boils to ensure safety, save energy and prevent the kettle from self-igniting.

Pleasant to touch cover.
Outer body layer is made of special anti-slip AENO material, which makes it easy to hold and pleasant to touch the kettle.

Cord winder.
Keep your kitchen tidy. The base has a built-in cord storage so that it can be hidden when needed.


1.5 L
Double walls:

Strix controller:

Auto power-off:

Brand: Aeno,

Oem: AEK0004,

Product group: Small Domestic Appliances,

Warranty: 24 Months,

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